Thursday, December 1, 2011


Holiday guests have all shuttled off to Sea-Tac leaving me, once again, the sole occupant of the cabin. Kinda occupy cedar street, just me and the wood stove. Yesterday was the standard Wednesday, an hour spin in the morning and another in the evening. Before the nightcap we got in a 10 mile TT, with Jeff and Gretchen paired in the saddle. Jeff reeled off an impressive 37 minute effort at 2.2 ptw and Gretch stayed right on his wheel, finishing at 41 and a 2.0. It will be fun to really get the two-person team competition up and running as we are fortunate to have so many outstanding cyclists frequent the HoM. The punch cards should be here any day, so once they arrive, we go!

I have a few of the new jerseys left. And it being December 1 (yikes!) today, there is precious little time left for you to score the perfect gift for the cyclist on your list. As soon as the aforementioned punch cards arrive we will offer an INCREDIBLE, never-before, one-time only, preferred customer, limited, super special, and totally unbelievable punch card & jersey gift set for the awesome and amazing price of only $129.99! This unique combination is ideal for that 'hard to buy for' person on your list who (seemingly) has everything. The gift of classy good health and stylish fitness all in one package: Six CompuTrainer Multi-Rider sessions in the HoM and a beautiful new club jersey for less than the cost of dinner for four (with wine) in Port Gamble.

Today, being the standard Thursday, already a week out from Thanksgiving, two spins are already in the books. I get a break in the middle of the day and back for another pair tonight. It is interesting to note the stress on the drive train. My calves, still tight from Sunday's half, and adductors seem to be taking on the bulk of the trauma. Hammy's are tight, but OK, knees are holding up, same with quads. There is some tingling in left quad signaling, I believe, a neuromuscular recruitment of additional muscle fiber. I have upped protein intake to a whopping 60 grams per day and now include a multi vitamin and electrolyte replacement beverage with water around the clock. I hope this is enough. Foam roller sessions and post workout stretch has helped also. We'll see how long I can sustain this regimen. If nothing else, I will be thankful for the winter work come the summit of Yellow Lake on August 28.

It will also help pay my heating bills because it is officially cold here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I will leave you now, as I need to throw another log on the fire.

Stay warm.

Lastly, here is a hilarious video about Barefoot Running. Enjoy.

Pix: Port Gamble, WA. Pink, RG, Boo and John. Boo and Pink in the Grand Forest. Gretchen and Jeff in the HoM last night.


ej said...

that is funny. the Graston technique and speed laces are all I need, yeah. no wait, a large internet circulation of requests for a $550 donation each recipient to the ej retirement fund. all will receive a special wish in return. lemmings, i think i'll put my feet up.

ej said...

rather kind and humble wishes in return. thats better.

KML5 said...

Much better.