Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baker Hill Video

A short sample of video shot with the new ContourGPS. I like the h.264, MPEG4 codec and the color rez. The camera's ability to deal with constantly changing lighting conditions, always a concern when we are out on the real roads of the world, is a touch slow, as seen. This complete course, all 4.5 miles of it, will be used on 11.11.11 for our indoor time trial day at the BAC.

As it appears that the weather has officially turned to fall, and the time to ride indoors is upon us, let's get our winter training started the right way with some testing. FREE until Monday is a 15 mile power-to-weight test at the BAC.

If you don't know where you are it is difficult to determine where you are going. These numbers don't lie. You can either produce wattage or you can't. The difference is in the doing.

We are doers.


ej said...

this BH looks completely flat!

KML5 said...

It ain't. The GPS data which we were finally able to export shows it as 6%. I ALWAYS thought it was more like 12%. Video is always difficult to gauge slope without reference points and a fixed horizon. The CT will remove all doubt!!

FW said...

Turned out to be a good hour for a ride after all. Were you ascending Baker Hill Road around 20 mph?

KML5 said...

Yeah, but I was in the Volvo. Missed the chance to do it on the bike this afternoon, was beautiful, sorry.