Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 5.149 A Nomad Again

I am officially nomadic.


I am moving this weekend from the beautiful cottage overlooking the shipping lanes of Puget Sound leaving the Seattle skyline behind.

I have been here, courtesy of two generous and supportive friends, since January.

It has been enriching and calming, a rejuvenating and restorative five months.

I am grateful for the experience and opportunity, as well as a touch melancholy about the departure. It is a crab leg like yin-yang.

If it was up to me I would stay here for the rest of my days, but it is not.

Today I begin the pack-up process.

Which isn't as bad as usual because I have downsized to such an extent that I can move everything here in about three pickup loads.

I am gonna miss this place.

I am moving back with my brother, his wife and my nephew. There are challenges there. We need to make real progress on several fronts. I hope I am up to the task.

Meanwhile I am negotiating with two sellers. One has a tiny parcel that would require significant prep and site work (expensive) and the other further out in a valley we ride through often. It is 5 acres of bliss. A place they call Big Valley.

The former I could financially handle on my own. The latter would require a partnership.

As we executed another inside ride last night, sharing these updates with my mates that could easily assist (I put up the down and use their good credit to finance the remaining amount, which I pay) the 'rider' surfaced: What happens if I default? If I die before the five (or ten) year term is completed?

In that scenario the partner would get the property and equity, as well as any improvements. A sweet deal with zero risk. Especially if that partner was a family member. Hummmmmmmmmm.

If I can pay the property forward and add to an existing family portfolio as a result, everybody wins.

And I don't have to move all this crap around anymore.

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