Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 5.138 Taos & Out

New Mexico is a wrap. Ended the quick-turn trip with a visit to Taos, about 70 miles NE of Santa Fe. Searched and found a road to the Taos Ski Valley just North of town on route 150. About 16 miles of winding mountain road on tarmac in dire need of resurfacing. Along the way had a video first as a pair of big-horn sheep were in the middle of the road drinking from a pothole. I drove slowly right up to them, stopped and grabbed my iPhone to augment the video. They are seen to the left, not terribly aggravated by the Seattle RCV paparazzi.

Total running time of the up and back was right at one hour, and as I had to scramble back to Santa Fe, return the rental car (none the worse for wear despite almost 600 miles), catch the train to Albuquerque, then the bus to SunPort, I didn't have a chance to peak at the footage. Same with yesterdays successful summit of Hyde Park.

And that puts an official wrap on the trip. Despite the inclemencies on Friday & Saturday, yesterday's 100 miler, plus two beautiful hillclimbs, with a little luck (and a lot of hard work) all should return the meager investment with some juice on the side.

I brought all this home for under $800.

Ready to board in ABQ.

See ya tomorrow with some video.


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