Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 5.147 Six Days on the Road

This is DAY SIX.

Upon the advice of the University of Washington Cardiology Department of Psychiatry, I am refraining from alcohol for a period of time in order to determine if, or if not, a few beers or glasses of red wine are co-conspirators in plot to bring me down.

Let us be clear, this is no conspiracy. They (the medical staff) after a lengthy meeting last Friday, offered me a deal. They said that I could take two roads at this juncture.

The drug road. They would be more than happy to prescribe medication that, coupled with the two I am already ingesting on a daily basis, possibly help with the symptoms (insomnia, syncope, hypotension, light headedness, loss of balance, lack of energy, sarcopenia), or,

The test road. We, mostly me, could try to isolate possible triggers acting in conjunction with the meds and the AF condition that create the side effects.

I chose the latter.

They asked me if I could do it without support, solo, out there all alone.

I answered to the affirmative. They both looked at me askew. Are you sure?

I am.

Of course, quitting something I have been 'enjoying' since I was a junior in High School (1968) cold turkey, has its challenge. So I decided to up the ante and go balls out. The hard road is not easy street.

IF I am going to do this painful test I might as well add the other known personal enemy and sentence both to a stint in the cooler.

Meaning that bread is also off the daily regimen for the next three weeks.

The alcohol was suggested, the wheat, grains and starches, self imposed.

Here on the first few steps along that road, I can honestly say that I feel better. I am sleeping better, feeling healthier and, most importantly, committed to the process.

Additionally my weight after our super Super Eight set this morning was lower than it has been in three years, a positive reinforcement and reminder that the goal is continual improvement, not perfection.

After class en route to the shower, I spent several minutes looking at two recently posted flyers, one announcing a trail marathon in the Olympics and the other a local triathlon.

Six days on the road.

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