Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 5.130 Santa Fe Oxy

It might be an oxymoron. Or not.

I suppose the meaning, as well as the outcome, is entirely up to me.

I leave for Santa Fe, New Mexico on Thursday. It is called a 'working vacation'. Rough translation is this: I need a couple of days off. Batteries need recharging and I would like some R&R out of town.

Now the interesting part: There is a commercial element involved. This will be the first RCV trip in the eight year tenure of the brand where I am solely responsible for all travel related expenses and production costs. If it rains - it's down the drain.

The risk involved with the new contract is 100% on me. In exchange for this is a substantial increase in my share of royalties upon sales. Therein lies the potential. I have already done the math. I know to the unit how many sales are necessary for return on investment. The math is easy if I return with nothing but a cold.

Doubling up, I am shooting one of the classic climbs in the area, the Sangre de Cristo the day before the Santa Fe Century, a hugely popular event drawing 8K annually. Between the two I should have some decent video.

Oh, the vacation part?

If I am able to manage my ability to stay present, relax and enjoy the place they call the Land of Enchantment while successfully capturing the rides, it will be a legitimate working vacation.

Oxymoron or not.

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