Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 5.132 Here we Go

Today is an opportunity of profound potential.

This day.

I can do whatever I wish with it. I have only one commitment, one scheduled responsibility, one entry to my day timer.

Must be Tuesday.

After sleeping in an extra hour, perusing the news, checking e-mails, texts, tags, messages while sipping day-old, double-boiled coffee, I settle into the directors chair.

Lights are on, cameras ready and action pending.

Let's get a little creative with this one, shall we? Take 5.132. From the top.

I have details to refine. The trip to Santa Fe doesn't have a lot of room for error. It isn't the norm. The travel fat has been cut. There are cabs, buses and a test run with Airbnb. I carry everything on my back. This HAS to work. It simply cannot rain on this parade.

I am also down to two weeks remaining in my current living situation. The gregarious owners of the incredibly cozy guest cottage need the space back for personal reasons. I have to find a new place to live.

Yesterday I looked at an off-island parcel for a ridiculously small amount. It has potential, but would require a small truck load of site work to even pull the RV onto it. So I made a counter ridiculous offer. The owner said let's talk in a week.

OK, says I.

Lastly, we are enjoying almost two weeks of non-symptomatic health. I have been able to execute double sessions almost every day over this period with minor and manageable side effects. Sleep has improved vastly, perhaps due to the melatonin. Half of me expects the other (running) shoe to drop at any minute. The other half screams encouragement.

It is up to me to choose which to hear, right?

I choose encouragement. I chose gratitude and I choose the creative.

This is an opportunity of profound potential. A footstrike about to tap tarmac.

Here we go. Keep runnin'.

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