Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 5.123 Yes, sir

In the never-ending battle to demonstrate the value of the first amendment as it applies to all forms of media, opinion and the combinations thereof, I humbly submit for your consideration our work over the last few weeks.

Almost without debate there has been recent news of greater importance, omens of significant progress with our global circumstance and headlines of shocking proportion and gross ramification. Headlines that so diminish the impact of our meager operation, news enough to humble the best, brightest and bravest.

I was thinking during one of our spin sessions this week, we rode every day, that although I aspire to be a leader, I am, in all reality, better as a follower. If you give me something to fight for which I can buy one-hundred percent into, I am a damn good soldier. I will take a bullet for you. Perhaps;

I am a better sergeant than colonel.
A better master chief than captain.
Better in field ops than behind a desk.
Better in the doing than the planning.
When it comes to how and what, I ask for the when and where.

I make a lot of mistakes. I stray from the book and take liberties with protocol. Right or wrong it is this freedom that defines me, and interestingly, my work. It is not perfect. Does it have to be?

In the genre that we pioneered a decade ago there sails a boat-load of new products. Techniques, technologies and some very talented people have given us an absolutely astonishing array of products with which to train on a bicycle indoors. Once the market share leaders we are now hanging on by cracked and yellowing teeth.

I found a solution Friday that offered a solid improvement, but the software to run the robust program to add GPS, graphs and maps in sync with video will require an upgrade to my entire system. Naturally.

So I must be brutally honest in my assessment (before another ante). Is our current product still able to compete on today's hi-tech battlefield? Will video of a spectacular route connecting Western and North Central Washington, a fledgling new ride in Kitsap County, a popular century ride in Salisbury, MD, all delivered on a thumb drive (or a download), branded with corporate logo, win this battle?

Will I fight for this artistic and commercial freedom and lead us to some small victory or surrender to the super powers-that-be, forever banished from this noble war?

I will fight. There is no surrender. Then you had better get stronger and smarter and commit to the plan. You had better do it with more focus and more speed. More of everything.


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