Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 5.125 To Carnegie Hall?

Following is a sampling of the narrative whose use I envision in matrimonial harmony with a video mash-up of archival RCV footage. It is either this or I play my ukelele for an hour.

Big dramatic baritone, slowly with pathos and passion:

There are always things to practice.

Because you want to improve.

You want to better your skills and up your speed.

You want to ride faster, longer, stronger.

You have demonstrated this to be something of value.

There is challenge, there is struggle and there is reward.

Big rewards.

Sometimes the rewards come as small and personal. Baby steps of continual improvement. One hill, one sprint, one result.

You will gladly pay that price.

Your commitment has been established. You want this. It is your dream. Your goal. The Holy Grail.

This is everything. It includes who you are and how you want to be remembered. This road, this hill, this climb, this day.

It's all here.

Practice as if this is your last dress rehearsal. You must be 100% confident that you are ready. Ready for your best.

You are a competitor. You race. Yourself. From start to finish. 10 minutes or a hundred miles. It's all the same. You are here and it is now.


Go hard.

Go with grace and go with passion.

Take it up. Ride it out. Let it pound in your legs. Enjoy the struggle and embrace the suffering. This is the beauty. You mixing it up with life in these spectacular surroundings.

Sure your could drive a car and get there faster. Sure you could open the throttle, burn some fuel and feel the wind on your face, but that isn't why you are here.

You are here for the ride. It is your body as motor, your soul and your eyes. It is all you. In this moment you are finally uniquely self-made, alone, beads of confidence falling like fire from your brow.

No other time exists, no other place counts. It is now. You are here and it is time.

There is flow. A zone. A cadence as vibrant as gold. More brilliant than a starry winter night. You have created this ethereal mix of time and space. It cannot exist without you nor you without it.

Magic. The thrill of movement. The majesty of motion.

We can't talk about it with others who have as yet to experience this phenomena. They will not undersatnd. The language is imprecise, crude, inadequate.

Someday they might. Hopefully they will.

That responsibility is yours.

You the ambassador to our sport.

Lead and they will follow.

An awesome responsibility.

The one you gladly accept.

The one you have waited for.

The art of practice comes in many colors. Find yours.

Put it into play.

CompuTrainer Real Course Video is all that.

And more.

The art of practice.



It's how you get to where you want to go.

It is the answer to the question.

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