Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 5.131 Hello Monday: Enough?

Hello Monday!

Let's get right to the chase. Easing into it is for middle managers. We haven't a moment to lose.

You know as well as I that there are times when our ability to stay focused, on point and with high intensity are tested. I witnessed this yesterday at about the 3/4 distance of my ride. I was out of gas, my back hurt and my water bottle was dry.

After a quick assessment the reality hit me like a semi at 55, THIS IS JUST LIKE RACING. I have been here before, I know these sensations. I know how to survive.

That experience and its progeny, confidence, create an altogether new challenge towards the success of this effort. The mastery of Now. What can I do RIGHT NOW to positively impact my session? What needs to be done? How do I auto-correct my output?

All these moment to moment decisions create the success or failure of wither the race, ride, test or training session. Leading to the theme du jour:


Further, because we are such inquiring animals, what IS motivation? And who (the heck) is responsible for it?

You may wish to lose a kilo of fat, desire to pilot a 10K bike or get a date with the head cheerleader, but the real question is this:


Motivation is the knowledge. Acting upon that knowledge is wisdom. One must commit to doing whatever it takes to push the agenda.

You absolutely must lost that 2.2 pounds, it is imperative that you ride THAT bike and the entire fate of the planet rests upon your getting to yes with that girl.

You motivation is you. YOU are responsible for it. You had better start to see EVERYTHING as 'most important'. That is the value of the now. Of the eternal this.

Mr. Monday, is that motivation enough?

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