Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where's the ice?

Quick note on which to cap the week. Today was IMCII, our second of the scheduled once-a-month rides on the CT of all 112 Penticton miles. A month ago we used the CT Multi-Rider format and today we upgraded to the (world famous) Ironman Canada Real Course Video. We were joined at the start by Garry and Stuart, both of whom needed to leave early due to prior commitments. In our initial ride I posted a 6:02 and Bob a 6:50. Today was a different story. This will happen. I had to throw in the blue towel at mile 75 due to severe cramping in both my legs. Strategy being that I don't need to blow up in February with the main event still six months away (reality being that both wheels were about to fall off and hurt like you know what). As you might expect, this is a difficult pill for me to swallow, but down the pill went and after a protein smoothie, a hot shower and three cups of coffee, I felt about the same as I did the morning after I wrapped a VW around a power pole. Bob, on that other hand, shredded the course, upping his average wattage by 20 and shaving a whopping 28 minutes off his prior time. Afterwards he commented that his secret today was going out slower, with more controlled wattage and with patience. You might want to cut and paste that for future use.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by today to support our effort. Cindy brought some delicious fruit wraps, Ace brought his smile, Tony his camera and Rick hung around almost all day sharing stories from his 1987 race.

In closing, because I have another foam roller session scheduled after another ice treatment and dinner that I prepared last night (baked curried tofu with onions and potatoes), I would like to congratulate Bob on his magnificent training ride. You take almost 30 minutes off a PR, and you are headed in the right direction. It is a true joy to watch and participate in the process of one of our club-mates making such dramatic improvement.

Now, where's that ice?

Pix: Bob hammers away at the CT RCV IMC course. Rick did this awesome event way back in 1987, and has the T and cap as proof. All I have is sore wheels.


Ace said...

Way to go Bob and Kevin; surviving that torture :) Kevin you are smart to back off a little to fight another day. Do you think there is something you should be drinking or eating to help against cramping?

KML5 said...

Always testing, I tried a new drink mix yesterday and it did OK, had nothing to do with the cramping, that was all accumulated fatigue, I believe. That and minimal recovery time from Saturday.

Bob P said...

Kevin - thanks for the encouragement yesterday. It would be hard slogging out the miles on my own. Hope your leg is recovering.

KML5 said...

My pleasure. The left is better than the right, recovery not policy, but on second look.....Nice work amigo.