Wednesday, February 8, 2012


It might be the real reason I like riding hills. Because they mimic life. Not in a Sisyphean way but more like the ups and downs, highs and lows that we face with the passing of each moon. Life is not flat. Columbus learned that. Flat is for pancakes. Nobody climbs the flats because they are there. There needs to be challenge, obstacles, valleys, peril, peaks, vistas, danger. There must be adventure, a quest, growth. Nature doesn't give us many straight lines, but when she does, it is about as interesting as a book with no story. We have seen how fast dreams can go from snow to sun, simple to complex.

In keeping with the hills analogy, I think it important to consider the ways we navigate through them. Over them. Towards the top. To the other side. There are potholes along the way. Fissures in the asphalt. Detours, washouts and black ice. If we are dealt a hand of injury, anguish, sorrow, violence, betrayal, abandonment, scorn, discrimination, or any number of other challenges, how do we react? What is our default tactic?

Let's keep sight of our goals. We will heal. We will endure. We will survive. Here, two months into the new year, many have already lost the goal visual. It was too demanding to try to fit an hour a day of exercise into an already jam-packed agenda. Good, wholesome nutrition takes too long to prepare and costs too much. Managing stress because way to stressful. Potholes. Crevices. Chasms in the path of growth. Let's find support. There is someone out there right now who willing to hold your hand in crossing this rickety old bridge. Ask the group. They will respond, that is the power of the pack. If you ask, they will answer. Do that thing that you love. Whatever fills your sails. If you really like to kayak, launch it regularly. Skiing? Wax 'em up. We have even created a way to ride when it's freezing, dark and dangerous outside! As we sang this morning: It's outrageous! *

There are a thousand excuses, two million potholes in the road and a hundred and one flavors of fear. Life has its ups and downs. Let's keep pushing those boulders up the mountain folks. We'll get there. It may not be today, but one day, we'll all be at the summit, breathing deeply the crisp alpine air, inspired and further motivated by the glorious view. And in the satisfaction that we took the path of challenge, the one with all the hills.

Pix: We went from snowed in to blissed out in a matter of weeks. Maybe it's NOT about the weather. Hang in there.

*Bohdisattva courtesy of Steely Dan.

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