Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heart Week

Having a "free" hour this morning, I sat pondering a subject. One of the latest projects involves the design and authoring of (yet another) branding mission statement. I always like this process. Isolating quiet time, letting go, listening, interpreting, developing, perfecting. You know when you have it right. It resonates like a major C from a baby grand, rippling an outward decay in harmony and tone, pushing joyously in search of agreement. The obsidian stone is the brand, the relentless ripple the hook and the calm (or chaotic) blue water the market. Polish the stone, drop in water and chart the distance the radials expand.

This imagery, of course, immediately took over and before I realized the flow I was back to thinking of how it mirrors life, or more specifically, our training. Polishing the stone. Putting the results of our practice into play, measuring and managing towards improvement and growth. Seems it always comes back to that, back to the 'Happiness First' idea.

I decided to jot down a few of the things that make me happy in order to validate, re affirm and remind me that this is, indeed, the direction originally intended for the outward ripple flow. Additionally, I wanted to list those things that I wanted to do TODAY to push this playful agenda. Here is what I ended up with as my Sunday Before Valentines Day Happiness To-Do List (SBVDHTDL):

1) Exercise. I suppose a 90 minute indoor ride and a 90 minute trail run will be adequate, although I might get a counterpoint from either my coach, PT, or partners. As a footnote, I see that Mr. Armstrong and I might race together one day soon. I'll try not to embarrass either of us.

2) Invent. Last night was a celebration. In the culinary lab, I whipped up not one, but TWO first-evers. I baked a batch of pinole with chia oil, and I mixed and pressed homemade white corn tortillas into what became the wraps for some rather tasty veggie-chili. I think I can improve both.

3) Appreciate art. I am back to Cormac McCarthy. Nobody this side of Bukowski writes more sanitary sentences. Watched a doc directed by my old pal and former pro cyclist, Jamie Paolinetti about the American Championships. Read all the lyrics from the latest Pretenders album. One day I will write, direct and score a cycling film about the importance of struggle. Today I will create something that will contribute to that long term goal.

4) Hold the door open to allow me to be me.

5) Make my home more comfortable to others and my work more comfortable (profitable?) to me.

6) Do another (or two) of those semi-random acts of kindness.

7) Say I Love You with as much sincerity as I am capable of generating.

8) Ponder again the philosophical, religious and spiritual paradox in successfully coping with the vicissitudes of this amazing journey.

9) Listen to the wind.

10) Be the stone, the water, the ripple.

That should keep me in Happiness until tomorrow. When we will find another ten. Most likely of similar theme. Quite OK, I think.

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