Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tour Dates

Tolerance of fatigue

Champions can suffer. Yes, they are talented but that makes nothing easier – simply faster. Talent is an overused term, often confused with dedication, perseverance and obsession. Every Champion I know trains ridiculously hard. Even former Champions. Some Champions become former because their tolerance to pain dilutes- with age, waning enthusiasm or with memory. When you win a World Championship you are training insanely. Jodie Swallow from The

Which, of course, got me to thinking. I'll be in Santa Barbara on May 18, so why not roll with the big boys for a few days prior as the 2012 Tour of California winds its way south from The Bay Area to Hollywood? I have a little history with this event, I know the area well, and we had already blocked the time, so why the heck not? On paper it looks like we could do three stages:

Tuesday, May 15, San Jose 115 miles to Livermore.

Wednesday, May 16, Sonora 115 to Clovis, and

Thursday, May 17, Bakersfield, 18 mile TT.

That could be some insane training. As well as some nice video packages to ride to come fall. I am still deciding on how to orchestrate, ride with the helmet cam morning of, film the day prior, or tail the event. If we could put together a small group we could rent a car, ride two juicy hours of the best parts of the course ahead (or behind) the peloton, and be at the finish line for the sprint. The TT is easy. RT from Sea to SJ is $190 and a car is $180. Three cheap rooms in SJ, Sonora and Bakersfield is $150. Add $150 for food, gas, misc. and we are GTG (good-to-go) for $700. OR….

Drive the 850 miles from Seattle to SJ in 15 hours, have the rig (and bikes) save the air fare and car rental and we (three) are GTG for $450


Three days riding with the Tour of California (I will have media credentials) in Sunny CA, hanging with the big dogs for less than the price of an iPhone?

Yo gang, let's book this one. We're talking about dedication, perseverance, obsession and major league fun. Thanks to Jodie Swallow, Chrissie Wellington and Clo C for the inspiration.

Pic: The ToC sprints into Big Bear in 2010 with a huge tolerance for fatigue.


Ace said...

I can see doing it maybe. Could add the Santa Fe Century which I think is May 23.

KML5 said...

Yeah, I gotta chose one or de odda. My nephew is getting married on the 19th in Santa Barbara, so this is a 'before the gig' adventure. I just booked a B&B in Ojai for $40/night. No way I can make Santa Fe without sponsorship after this, alas.