Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yo World!

So many roads…so little time. We knocked out a terrific 60 minute spin session this morning, working on breathing, balance and focus. All in the attempt to manage the sometimes seemingly unmanageable. To create some order out of complete chaos. To do what we can to add to the positive. To fill our receptacle with the values we deem appropriate to counter the obvious global negatives. To stand in the light and face the fight.

All this done by 0630. Now we can, as agreed, take this energy and apply it to making good choices the remainder of the day. A practice we will repeat tomorrow and again on Thursday. So many roads, so many choices. Let's' make 'em count. It can be said that every successful pedal rotation adds a positive dynamic to the room, that the room is a catalyst for the change we would like to offer to our community and that our community has the power to change the world. Those 360s with constant pressure to pedals at 130bpm in the groove zone sweet spot are far more important than you once thought!!!!

In keeping with this stream, here is the local latest. And please be advises that it is not intended for our group only. This is a world class event. That it happens to be in our backyard merely provides us with the opportunity to share the bounty, host an incredible experience and share the alpine biking love. Therefore: YO WORLD: Come ride Hurricane Ridge with us!!!!

Here is the rough outline: Those intrepid cycling adventurers amongst us will depart Bainbridge Island at 0800 Thursday, July 12th. We will ride the 80 or so miles to Port Angeles AND THEN summit the 5,800 ft of Hurricane Ridge. The descent back into PA is hyper fast and once down well make camp at a no-star Motel for the night. Next day, we'll reverse the route STARTING with the climb to the summit and then riding back to B.I. I have the one way at about 125 miles. You are invited to ride all of it or a part, opt for just one summit or both. However it best challenges you. 

Here is a sample video we shot three years ago to illustrate the HR up and down.

Put this epic two days on your calendar folks. The clock is running. 

Off to our 1000 Training by Power session at the club. Ride Happy.

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