Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CDA2012 Video

Every time I work an Ironman I walk away inspired. Over the course of 140.6 miles there are countless opportunities to witness many of the traits that separate the bland from the brilliant, the average from the outstanding and the meaningless from the meaningful. My faith in humanity is usually restored by T2. By the finish all my petty problems, fears and anxieties dissipate under the awesome power of the success, courage, will and achievement of others. Sometimes I wonder how it felt to be a war correspondent in one of the WWs. How do you put these emotions, uniquely personal, into a string of words? Today, THIS is life and death. There is great meaning here, every time I watch, film or participate, I must redefine my definition of success and failure. Surely they are the same. The same road. 140.6 miles. There will be pain. There will be joy. There is suffering and there is an endorphin buzz that mirrors the purest love. Highs and lows. Heavens and Hells. All of these available to the brave, to the starters as they enter the gray water, as they find a cadence-power groove on the highway and as they slug out a marathon in the afternoon sun and heat, and to us, who watch. 

I find all this fascinating. Why we do what we do. How we do it. Art and science. The dance. 

Here is my four minute piece on Sunday's 10th annual running of Ironman Coeur d' Alene. Congratulations to champions Victor Zyemtsev and Meredith Kessler. Congratulations to all the finishers. Thank you once again for being such an inspiration. 

Click on the title CDA2012 to watch in Full HD on the RCVman YouTube site. 


Kerrie Houston Reightley said...

Just watched this video . Thank you for the excellent footage, music, and most of all, my morning cup of inspiration (for, on and off "the road.) ~k

KML5 said...

Thank you. The Road beckons, let's get after it today and see if we can initiate some change.