Monday, June 18, 2012

Darren & Aileen

As many of you know, we recently ended our epic Tour of California in Santa Barbara at the wedding of my nephew. I wanted to get something out before the Montreal trip and thought I'd Kung Fu a little trailer, as the Canada gig starts in about 72 hours. This chore provided a legit excuse for not going to the pool today.  Maybe not legit, but certainly fun anyway. To view in full HD and 16:9 aspect ratio, simply click on the title (Darren & Aileen) and you will be magically whisked to the RCVman YouTube site. Hope you like the teaser as much as we all liked the wedding weekend. Congratulations to the newlyweds and thanks to everyone for joyously lighting up this spectacular local with dazzling smiles and dynamite karmic energy. That's amore.

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