Thursday, June 28, 2012

More fanfare

Can you hear the refrain of ABC's dramatic trumpet opening fanfare for the Olympic Games? Da da, da da da duh-da. Can you recall a Jim MaKay or Al Michaels commentary?  Does the thought of watching the absolute best in the world compete every four years get your motor runnin? Have you ever wondered how you would matchup with a gold medalist? 

Now is your chance. The games are about to begin. On August 1, in London the top time trialists on this planet will compete on a 44km course to decide who has the most efficient combination of power, speed, endurance, aerodynamics and mental dexterity. It will be exciting. And so will this:

We have secured the necessary components to do a virtual time trial in the infamous House of Mirth at the Bainbridge Athletic Club. We have created the course from actual GPS data captured live on the streets of London. We have enough course video to create a challenging representation of the actual event. We have the technology to put YOU in the middle of all this drama. Here is the format:

We'll seed four person teams using our most recent FTP data. Teams will consist of two males and two females. We will create a seeding committee to (best) ensure the competitive fairness of the process. Once teams are established, each team will have one practice stage, to view the course profile, see the video and practice riding with the CompuTrainer drafting feature enabled. Just like a team TT! After the practice run, you're live, each team with a single shot at best average team time. Pretty simple from there, the squad with the fastest average team time gets the gold. 

There will be prizes and awards and of course the official viewing of the live event from London on the very same course on August 1st. 

You don't want to miss this one folks. It has gold written all over it. 

But we need to act fast to get all the heats in by August, so PLEASE respond to the invite so we can establish the committee and align the teams. There is no cost to participate. We do, however, strictly adhere to the CT MR @ BAC code of racing ethics:


Please respond today. If you are interested in a spot on the seeding committee please let me know asap.  Da da da da da duh-da.

More fanfare. 

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