Sunday, June 17, 2012


This just in: The World Triathlon Corporation, our partners in the CompuTrainer Real Course Video line of training products, announced today the latest event in the Ironman series, Ironman Lake Tahoe. I wanterd to pass this along as quickly as possible for one solid reason: ON LINE REGISTRATION OPENS AT NOON TOMORROW. My guess is that it will close about ten minutes later, or 12:10 PDT. 2K x 675 entry fee + 25 fee = 1.4 for the WTC to invest in our partnership between tomorrow and Sept. 22, 2013 @ 0700 when the cannon well sound for the inaugural LT140.6. I hope to be there WELL BEFORE that day to provide you (the lucky you) with a RCV to train with all those long and lonely days leading up to the big (and maybe cold) day. Stay tuned for that. 

We are also plotting the same detail with the Las Vegas 70.3 Championship course. I might even do them both on the same whirlwind trip in the next few weeks. 

Lest you think we have a best coast bias, please remember that on Wednesday I depart for Montreal and the inaugural Mt. Tremblant 70.3, followed in August by Ironman USA Championship,New York. Heck we even do flyover states, as reminded last week as we were hammering out 2x20 sets @ 85% of FTP while watching Michael Lovato put on a bike clinic at the Branson (MO) 70.3

In closing today, I would like to ceremoniously thank my father, George H. pictured above in, I believe, 1954, with me trying to adjust his mug for the shot, at what I also believe is Lake Elsinore, CA., for almost 60 years of encouragement and support. The road has been rocky at times, but we're still here, still racin' and still smilin'. Happy Father's Day to RG and to all you Dads out there, we'll see ya at the races!

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