Saturday, June 16, 2012

IMC 102

A few semi-random (?) pix from yesterday's epic 102 miler. As you may know the game plan called for a recon preview of the course that we will be riding on August 26th, in, and around Penticton, BC, Canada. I have done it before. Several times. But for Bob and Chris it was their first. And what a first! Beautiful day, blue skies, nary a drop of rain and altogether perfect conditions. We cut the flat start along Main St. (hence the ten short miles) and even subjected ourselves to the notoriously demoralizing Cawston out 'n back. It was a terrific ride, with light traffic and wind only on the last leg past Yellow Lake. Campsite was cool (free showers), drive out a breeze and the trip another great and mirthy success. Thanks and congratulations  to Bob and Chris for their teamwork, company and support. I think we brought back several valuable race lessons, and for me, another important confidence builder. We are very close to ready. 

Pix:m T2B

Campsite at Burberry Green, west Lake Skaha.
Chris and Bob on Hwy 97. Remember the Geronimo!
View from the start of Richer Pass looking East. 
Long stretch just before Sumac.
I took some editorial liberties with this shot of Chris on the seven sisters road. 
Bob at the summit of Yellow Lake, mile 90
Post ride training table. 

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