Sunday, June 10, 2012

The scope of things

Nice little article from the Seattle Times today on what we do, sorta. Perhaps in a kaleidoscopic way.

Sure we exercise. We get all that. We know of the bennies. We play cat and mouse with the aging process. We accept these physical truths to be self evident. We know about high intensity, core strength, endurance. We are the choir. For most of us it was a choice we made many years ago, today being the healthy manifestation of that singular, all encompassing decision. To be fit. To get there and to stay there. 

And then a funny thing happened. No longer muddled in the mediocre, we wondered how good we could get. What level we could obtain and if this fitness quest might lead us down the path of glory. Some type of victory, a win or two. The thrill of championship. The stuff we used to watch on TV.

And then another funny thing happened. We started to take the requisite baby steps in the direction of the answer to that question. Do I have what it takes? Will I make the myriad sacrifices necessary to obtain and achieve? Can I schedule the time, create the format and structure the work load as not to lose friends, family, social standing and career? Will this quest be all consuming as I have seen it be with others? 

One by one those questions were answered. All in the affirmative. All life changing. All empowering and all the time.

This is now what we do. It defines us. The synergy is complete. The big three dots are effectively connected and operating in a harmonious, dynamic, perpetual, efficiently powerful and joyous cycle. It is no longer work, it is play. It is no longer pain, it is pleasure. It is no longer something we dread but something we look forward to.

As we have been witnessing, along with all this transformation, the fact remains that as we adapt, the load increases with augmented challenge. We are asked to do more, lift more, go faster, go longer and maintain a razor sharp degree of success. A byproduct of all this adaptation is the need for progressive increase. The challenge of today prepares us for a bigger challenge tomorrow. It will NEVER get easier. We merely acknowledge, accept and execute.

I understand, this is not for everybody. I was also shocked at the figure cited in the article in regard to the percentage of people who were wired to prove their actual exercise, "In surveys, a consistent 30 to 35 percent of people report moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity. But in the past few years, researchers have begun to outfit study participants with devices that record movement, and the truth has come out: Fewer than 5 percent of adults are doing the recommended level of activity."

Five percent? That's it? OMG, we, the preachers, need to seriously add voices to the choir, folks. 

And I have an idea. Three parts:

PART ONE: Keep on keeping on, doing what we do. Leading by example.
PART TWO: Spread the love. Tell somebody else, drag them in. Bring a pal.
PART THREE: Inspire, educate, motivate, support, entertain and even bribe when absolutely necessary. 

All for today, off for a ride. 

Pic: Last year on the Queen K in Kona. Kaleidoscope effect added for emphasis. 

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