Friday, June 22, 2012

Get up, get out

Subitize the heuristic. Go ahead. Try. Mix your understanding and analysis of a situation instantly at puree and drink. How does it taste? Is it refreshing? Does it satisfy? Is it nourishing? Or, is it harmful, bitter, limpidic? 

With the protein smoothie as metaphor, we know the menu contains endless combinations, possibilities and flavors. Such is the straw of life through which we suck. And sometimes it does.

All too often projected outcomes, dreams, plans, the goals we establish in good faith, realistically and energetically, fail to mature. They get crushed, snapped from our grasp at the very moment we initiate the celebration. Life seems to be saying, "You can't have this." And we start to wonder why.

Am I not deserving?
Did I do something wrong?
Am I unworthy?
Not rich enough?
Not bright enough?
Without proper documentation?
Wrong color?
Too old?

Disappointment cripples our motivation. It can wipe away years of honest effort  like a tsunami. Everything washed to sea beneath a single, powerful hissing wave. Making matters worse, since you have made the choice to surf in a treacherous, dangerous, shark infested no lifeguard on duty beach, you are now, unequivocally, on your own. Yet, disappointment is good.

You are the only person that can save you. It is more heart to heart than mouth to mouth. There is a lesson available to you, now - with saline and sand about to violently enter your lungs, here - caught between the silicone and amber, that you have to bust a move and choose one:


Metaphorically and literally, the former indicates growth. There will be challenge. There will be set-back, there will be disappointments and heartaches by the numbers. You will be swept under the waves with an immense undertow of awesome power. You will be tested on a daily basis. You will be asked to look at things differently in order to see them clearer. You may win or you may lose. THAT makes no difference. Winners understand that getting to the beach on time, creating the need for additional protein, accepting defeat, loss of down, the unexpected roadblock, a right-hook from some silly bureaucracy, financial ruin, a nightmare on Main Street is all part of the process of winning. IT IS THE VERY ROAD TO SUCCESS. It is imperative that you tread this trodden trail. You must endure. You must revisit your bias. You must study more, work smarter, learn the lessons that the cosmos spent so much time and energy choreographing JUST FOR YOU. 

It's all for you. Reap the benefit. Take the lesson and toss the gift-wrapping. Play the game with more √©lan. Wise up. It might feel like you are beat up, bruised and bloodied, but that is life. Like hits hard. It pulls no punches. It will break your nose as well as your heart. Be brave, have no fear. It is still 50/50. If you don't flip the coin it can never be ahead. 

If you are to win, if you sip of the smoothie, surf where others fear to go, have the courage to enter the ring, get knocked down, and deeply examine your motivational values and spirit, Life demands but one action from you here and now, today, with puffy eyes, runny nose and empty pockets:

Get up. Get out. Go. With this, you cannot fail. 

Pic: As Bob and I found out last year at Lake Stevens, some potholes are bigger than others. Go around them. 


Stephanie Rohl said...

The obstacle can be the stepping stone when rightly used. Hope things are looking up for you.

Stephanie Rohl said...

Oops, that should have read, "The stumbling block can be the stepping stone when rightly used." Anyway cheering for you!

KML5 said...

I took - and continue to take - your meaning. Thank you. I agree with the entirety of my heart.