Saturday, June 2, 2012


I am all for ritual. I still put my left shoe on first and pat my helmet before starting every ride. I believe in starting every day with a exercise session and ending it with reading and meditation. In between the am ramp-up and the pm cool-down lies the opportunity. To find new rituals, ones that, perhaps, better suit our present circumstance. How rituals differ from habits is an interesting comparison. They share many commonalities, with ritual adding an element of awareness and intent. A ritual begs involvement and presence, reverence for the act itself, while a habit, is just done, often with little interactivity of mind and body. A habit, after all, can have serious negative side effects, and if its a serious habit, we try not to think about it at all. If, however, we are, as many have suggested, the culmination of our habits (good, bad or vanilla) the better the habits, and the more they honor the ritualistic, the better our chances of tasting some esoteric flavors. 

It was with perverse delight that I began a new ritual yesterday. As most of you know, yesterday was National Doughnut Day. The first Friday in June has held this titular distinction since 1938. Some outlets go as far as to hand out free doughnuts in ritualistic celebration of NDD. No matter how you spell it, dough or do (either is accepted), deep-fried, fat-sweetened dough is high on my list of things to avoid while in training.

And I am always in training. Hence the ritual. Here, today, a mere 74 years after the initial NDD, I hereby create the RCVmanNDD, consisting of the following ritual protocol:

On the first Friday of June every year henceforth, or until I win my age group in Kona, I will enjoy a doughnut (not FOUR like yesterday). This in remembrance and respect for the Salvation Army, the veterans of WWI, and my body fat percentage. All other days of the year I will abstain and add the good habit of not badmouthing Homer Simpson, the obese, or Policemen on the beat as they partake. 

Call it ritual. And call me glad that there is no National Beer Day. 

Pic: At the SoDo Krispy Kreme yesterday to pay my respects. So many choices, none free, however. DOH!

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