Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WED @ ToC12

Wednesday morning, sunrise, Tuttletown State Rec Area. A few minutes after campfire coffee on way to Stage Four. Having met up with Ken and Harry we'll break it up into two KOM stages today, keeping well ahead of the pack. Should go for about 60 miles of interesting climbing and a ton of spectacular video. Finish from Sonora is in Clovis, 130 miles from where we not sit and sip. I am going to try to get to the media center in Clovis as the guys are sluggin' out the final few miles and post later today, otherwise, contact will be sparse today as the shadow of Yosemite casts a long and silent blanket over wireless communication.

We will press onward, weather has been perfect, today should get smoking' out there, there is nary a cumulus in the blue sky at 0650. Time to rock. Andiamo.

Pix: Bernie (with Bonny Doon) and The RCVman (with BB's ex) at the 5K KOM sign on Mt. Diablo. Eight Track summits. Trucks are asked to gear down. THis patriot rode all the way carrying that weight and Willows Steak House in Jamestown where Bernie, Ken, Harry and myself dined like pioneers.

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