Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Big Day

Saturday in Santa Barbara. Just off the beach after a terrific 45 minute beach run at sunrise. I think you have read it here once or twice in the past, but I love running barefoot. Which is, come to think, the equivalent of riding fixed. Something about cutting all the extras, the unnecessary, trimming the fat, leaving the organic and pure. It is the heart of the matter and I enjoy it immensely. It was most refreshing to stride it out after a TWO day rest. Thursday was the Bakersfield TT and yesterday was all video work, leaving me the rare R&R op. And guess what? It was needed, and even though I went through 'down metabolic' phase, feeling slug-like and slothful, it was a necessary rebuilding time. Patience indeed is a virtue.

Off to shoot video of the groom and company in preparation. The bride's party were up and at it very early today, actually making the first pot of coffee, something usually assigned to me.

The big day is upon us. Have to run and gun. Later.

Pix: The Lynch Bros (Chris, myself, Michael). Minstrels Chris and Joey. No doubt who the start will be today (Aileen). My run track this morning. All good.

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