Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great Love

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles." Willa Cather

Somewhere down that line, you made a choice. You were deeply engrossed in whatever activity held your attention, in a zen-like state of flow, with a laser focus. Time ceased to rule, space was infinite and your heart was open to the magic and mystery of the cosmos. You, were, as we used to say, "into it". 

You know what happened next: (and if not you should try to remember) You created something. A crisp paragraph, a three chord progression with a snappy little hook turn, an element of design, a combination of colors, a synergy of spices, a connection to a child, the answer to an equation, a personal best at the local 10K.

There was great love in that moment. It was you being you. The best you. There was no ego and no fixation on outcome. You were not competing for the admiration of parents or acceptance of society. You were free to sail the ship of your soul in the direction of your highest joy. There was no guilt and no stress. There was no failure. As pure energy you embraced the dazzling light of spirit and dialed the vibration to max. More power, more freedom, more love than you ever thought possible. 

What happened next? We crashed. We were distracted by the mundane, by a artificial, manipulative and corrupt, totalitarian call to normality. Oh yeah, we said, time to get back to work. Time to conform. Time to get in line. Time to trade our energy and soul for plastic trinkets. Time to obey. 

And poof! The magic disappeared. 

Yesterday I mentioned in class, that this (spinning) activity is a powerful opportunity for us to reconnect to our bodies. The miracle of our bodies. Lost in a scary, despotic, binary world of virtual aggression and endless search for profit. Our bodies are the one thing we can control. And there is even some argument there, so let's render it even further: Our thoughts are the one thing we can control. Naturally, our thoughts create our actions. Hence it makes sense to refine and focus our consciousness on positive, happy, loving and empathetic themes in order to have them manifest as action by our arms and legs. 

Those great loving thoughts act like steroids, motivating, powering, fueling our movement through time and space. The flow. Unlimited high octane, non polluting and self sustaining. It is you being you. Making the choice to expand. Loving beyond convention. Faster than ever, in complete control and in tune to the vibratory frequency of life.

Make the choice. Love greatly. 

Miracles await. 

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