Sunday, May 20, 2012


In the almost 1500 posts since the inception of this rambling soliloquy, I have tried on many an occasion to tie unlikely occurrences together, trying to find the knot of connectivity or the bowline of juxtaposition. There have been a few where I thought the threads were interesting, and just as many that were plain folly. I apologize for the foolishness (my attempt at brevity) and beg your forgiveness for the near misses, when with a touch more grace and/or skill I could have twisted up something a little more elegant, entertaining or inspiring.


As in most things that come my way, I believe that persistence, practice and patience will eventually provide improved performance. I think that is important. This is no exception. The more verbiage that finds its way to this page, the better the chances that they will be strung together with something other than cheap twine.

So we post ever onward, today, trying to find some commonality between triathlon training and racing, CompuTrainer Real Course Video, and the location (and predicament) in which I currently find myself, sitting high on beach cliff overlooking the majestic expanse of Big Blue, the Pacific Ocean.

As the fantastic wedding reception was winding down last night, I had a chance to chat with my favorite niece's husband, best man, firefighter, and father of five, soon to be seven. His toast was filled with love, admiration, wisdom and hope. And I told him I thought it was fabulous. We talked, exchanged some anecdotal stories and I again complemented him on his toast, his last few words delivered on the verge of tears. I said what made it resonate was its heart, the place from where the message came.

It had truth, meaning, sincerity, love and compassion. And everyone felt it.

Truth, meaning, sincerity and compassion. And the knot is tied.


Pic: Kevin has Darren's back.

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