Thursday, May 17, 2012


Not many of us know what 50mph in 90+ degree heat on a bike feels like. I sure don't. Those were just two of the many components challenging today's 118 riders in the Stage Five ToC Time Trial. Then there was the 18.4 (official) miles, a touch of wind and a maybe a million dollars in prize and sponsorship money on the line.

We started the day out on the course a good five hours before the Pros, filming for what should be a great RCV. I filmed while my pals rode. I will have my day in the sun, no worries. After the shoot and the initial post it was back out for start, finish and highlight video and whatever stills I could manage. As each footstrike became progressively stickier in the afternoon sun, I wondered, with all the digital technology today how many shots were taken. I know I contributed to the total in a humble way.

As I type this David Zabriske has the TT lead but Peter Sagan, the race leader and final TT starter of the day has just now hit the turn at the half and is on pace for a record run. We have to push it down the road for Santa Barbara, a good three hours southwest, so it's over and out from Bakersfield.

Tomorrow is another day.

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