Friday, May 4, 2012

ToC logistics

Logistics for the big Tour of California trip are coming together rather nicely. As we knew they would. Here this day, miles between, cherry-pick the primo parts, find alternate routes to by-pass peloton, get in some saddle time, film a scenic section, grab some hi-rez stills, ride some more, film some more, beat the pack to the finish, shoot, visit the expo, conduct an interview or two, background establishing city scapes, shop, head to campground. Once there, make camp, build fire, start media download, charge batteries, clean gear, file story. Clean bikes, start dinner, laundry. Logistics for next day, prepare. If time allows, run in park. Review day, outline next. Relax, roll out bag. Repeat in:

San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Barbara

We are out at first light Sunday, May 13 (Happy Mother's Day) and share driving to Del Valle SP near San Jose. 850 miles. From there the ToC unwinds:

Monday, Stage 2, SF to Aptos, MAP, and driving directions
Tuesday, Stage 3, San Jose to Livermore, MAP, and driving directions
Wednesday, Stage 4, Sornoa to Clovis, MAP, and driving directions
Thursday, Stage 5, Bakersfield, MAPand driving directions

After Thursday's Individual TT in Bakersfield, we'll drive to El Capitan State Park 15 miles North of Santa Barbara, where I will be until Monday morning. We'll head North Monday, stopping to ride the 33 mile perimeter of Crater Lake on the way home. 

Estimated time of return is late (very) Monday, May, 21. 

I will be updating periodic posts of all the fun while on tour. As we are camping, internet connections and access to DSL might be sparse, weak or nonexistent. I will do my best toy keep you in the loop. Once home, I should be able to slap together a pretty decent highlight video that we can all enjoy as we spin. That is the goal. There are some logistic concerns, but they are the kind that make it fun, exciting and challenging. The way it is supposed to be. 

Eight Days in May. Coming together.

Vid is highlight from the 2007 ToC, which I covered from start (San Francisco) to finish (Long Beach). Seems like another lifetime ago. 

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