Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Driving (should have been riding) into town this morning for our 0630 spin class, I heard on NPR some very sobering stats. Scary and sobering stats. 

One in six Americans is uninsured.
That equates to 50.7 million people.
Health care insurance for a family of four costs an average of $20,720 per year.
An MRI will set you back anywhere from $350-3,500.
A cat scan from $675 - $3,016.
Extended emergency treatment anywhere from free - $50,000.
Some companies are now asking HUGE deductibles and and/or enrollment fees.

My thoughts were, as usual, first reactive (how dare they?) to conspiratorial (Cheney got a new heart with an existing condition on a government plan), to proactive (what can we/I do?).

And that is the departure point in today's feature post. Risking ridicule by bloviating upon the glaringly obvious, there is a lot we can do. Today. Now.

With the standard disclaimer that if you bank in the high sixes, all these inflated, exploitative, absurd, corrupt costs probably matter little. Kinda like gas at $4.76 a gallon. If I am driving a paid for Z3, I most likely don't care. But for those one in six Americans, the combination of high transportation costs, food and insurance in devastating. On a daily basis I am surprised that we have as yet to organize into full on rebellion. The answer to that one, I believe, is that we are too lazy and to distracted - but that is another post altogether).

Disclaimer claimed, here are the BIG THREE once again (cue the DJ scratchin'):

Get off your lazy ass and move your fat.
Eat more fruit and veggies and less processed crap.
Find some balance in managing your self-induced stress.

That is a good start. We spend hours each day breaking down the big three into manageable and definable parts. To improve. To reduce. To up our QOL. To manage addictions. To be a plus vice a minus. To serve others. To be part of the solution. 

It is true that you or I could be the fittest, healthiest and most balanced person on Earth and get squashed like a bug by a garbage truck on a ride to the club. I will take that chance. One additional element that adherence to TBT (the big three) provides is the confidence in living with no fear. Oh, oh, (conspiracy theory again) could it be that the folks at .gov and .org are devious enough to actually WANT you fat and fearful? 

There is profit in fat and fear. Big fat profit by the truckload. 

Save your money and take personal responsibility for staying fit. And away from those garbage trucks. 

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