Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Roll Credits

We have to share the cycling love. On our final leg of the 2,000 mile Tour of California odyssey this morning, in a quaint town in Southern Oregon called Canyonville, I received an e-mail from Justin Kowalczyk of the Pure Energy Cycling Team in New Jersey. Justin had asked very politely and very professionally a few weeks ago if he could borrow some of the footage we shot at the Tour of Battenkill two years ago. I said sure have at it, just send me a link to the final cut so I can spread it around for you. That is the way I like to get things done. After our delicious (and huge) country breakfast I slapped on the cans and took a peak. This is really good folks. I think the piece tells a concise story of the team, the individuals, the motivation and gets the passion and drama about as close to gold as you can get without taking the usual 'over-the-top' route. Here it is, see for yourself why we enjoy all this cycling (and video) stuff so much. 

It's back to business as usual tomorrow. 0530 spin and another round of FTP testing. I might even test again tomorrow night to see what ten days on the road has done to my functional threshold power. Bernie asked me what would happen if it went up and I replied that would indicate the value of rest and recovery. He then asked if I thought it might and I said probably not but we'll never know sitting here (in traffic) talking about it. Let's go and find out. 

Congratulations to Justin for a fine piece of video, thanks to Bernie for his companionship for ten long days and we'll see ya'll in the House of Mirth rainy and early. 


FW said...

Good to see there was proper credit for your work!

KML5 said...

Thank you. Always glad to contribute. Maybe NBC will call next!!!