Saturday, May 5, 2012


Today Cinco de Mayo meant work. Five minutes at a time.  

Seated fast
Seated slow
Standing fast
Standing slow
Five second power blasts
For 90 minutes.

Robert Rodriquez
Warren Zevon (Veracruz)  
C,S&N (Suite: Judy Blue Ojos)
Eagles (Hotel California and the smell of colitas)
Gilberto Gil
Alejandro Escovedo
Los Mocosos
Little Feat (Spanish Moon)  
Phish (Mexican Cousin)
Bob Weir (Mexicali Blues)  
Charlie Daniels Band (Caballo Diablo)

It was a workout mucho gusto. We touched upon several important topics on the road to freedom (pictured below), amongst them:

The importance of play
The mind, body, spirit wholeness
Being a role model
Helping yourself first
Leading by example
Saying no to fatigue
Saying hello to fear
Staying present
Keeping focused
Moving forward
Being your best

And the ninety minutes passed as if they were nine. We are growing stronger by the day, getting fitter, moving up. Perhaps one day, and one day soon, we will be ready to accept the responsibility of our independence. 

Feliz Cinco de Mayo muchachos e muchachas. 

Aquel dia yo jure (On that day I swore)
Hacia el puerto volvere (To the port I will return)
Aunque el destino cambio mi vida (Even though destiny changed my life)
En Veracruz morire (In Veracruz I shall die)
Aquel dia yo jure (On that day I swore)

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