Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Skinny

The latest update skinny:

Skinny update one:
We have booked camping space in beautiful Penticton, British Columbia, Canada (home of Ironman Canada) for Thursday, June 14 (Flag Day) thru Sunday, June 17 (Father's Day). It is approximately 330 Northeast miles from Seattle and normally takes about 6.5 hours to drive without breaking too many rules of the road. Our goal is to ride the IM course, run a portion of the marathon leg, get in a recovery swim or two and relax by the lake in all other hours. If any of this sounds like your kinda fun, please let me know asap. Here is a link to the campsite.

Skinny update two:
As you know we will be departing for the Tour of California at first light this Sunday, May 13 (Mother's Day). I am a touch concerned about the availability of internet services in some of the remote areas we will be riding, filming and camping. I don't know why I am concerned because it's not like I get paid for this, it is more that it has, over the almost five years (and 1,475 posts) since launch, become a regular part of the routine. Somewhat like training. I don't get paid (much) for that either but I do it every day. Point being that posts next week may be sporadic. Please rest assured that this is because we have a ton on tap, and not because I have suddenly decided to become a wandering zen monk (again). 

Skinny update three:
Under the change is good heading, circumstances have provided a perfect opportunity to tweak the training block. This, to ramp for the summer events that surely include swimming as well as biking and running. If you would like to join our triathlon training group, be your distance of choice sprints or the IM, here is the next schedule which we will launch on Tuesday, May 22:

Mondays: 0530 Spin
Tuesdays: 1400 Swim
Wednesdays: 0530 Spin ---Bricks in the Park 1830
Thursdays: 1400 Swim
Fridays: Easy run in Park 1830
Saturdays:  0730 spin ---Trail run
Sundays: LSD ride/run

Details to be added later. If ya wanna play, just say. 

Skinny update four:
The much anticipated May CompuTrainer Multi-Rider Indoor Cycling Tournament will kick-off on May 29. We'll race on Tuesdays, Thursdays at 1800 and Saturdays at 1700. The single elimination format should allow us to get this one in the books pretty quickly. 

So there ya are folks. The skinny. A biking fondo camping vacation in Canada, news, video, photos and commentary from the Tour of California, some structure and training camaraderie for Chelanman, IMC, Lake Stevens, Danskin, Elma or other, and another exciting indoor cycling tournament. 

Here is why all this is important


Stephanie Rohl said...

I thought you understood the importance of rest and recovery...I don't see any of that in your schedule. And is this on top of all the spin classes, too?
Just sayin'

KML5 said...

Yes, I do, however, this is a temporary ramp-up block, not anything permanent. If I can handle the overload I should be in pretty decent position to kick some ass in Canada. If I succumb to the load, at least I tried. Remember also, that I don't have the usual time consuming distractions that others face (family, job) so rest and recovery is the yang to the training yin (one after the other). You are a keen observer to notice that little detail. Thanks.