Friday, May 11, 2012

Have Gun

Out of necessity, I need to be brief today. It is the day before getaway day and I have one more than 99 things to do. There are five specific areas that need packing attention to detail. They are:

The filming detail. I am planning on shooting LOTS of footage with several cameras to provide media for at least six projects. That means I need to capture every conceivable shot, angle, POV, locale, background, close up and cut-away, still and video of the entire eight days from Seattle to Santa Barbara and back. It also means packing heavy as the arsenal needed to accomplish all this would challenge a supply officer. See photo of my start. 

The riding detail. We are taking three bikes, Bernie's sleek new Specialized, his old Giant and Trixie, my faithful and fearless Specialized Langster fixie. This is the easy detail as I have, in pinches past, put together a road trip pack in less than three minutes. Don't forget the tool kit with spares. 

The camping detail. I wish I had a camper, RV or conversion van, but since BBs Toyota will be jam packed with gear, food and supplies, we are camping. Tent, bag, cooking, chairs, lantern, ice chest. Usual stuff. I keep all this ready so it isn't too big an issue. Always seem to leave behind one item. I have learned over the years to stash an extra bottle opener and corkscrew in my tool kit. 

The wedding detail. My nephew is getting married in Santa Barbara on Saturday, a week from tomorrow. That was the initial imperative. Get to SB. I was informed about two weeks ago that I am the official wedding videographer. Let me be perfectly clear on this: I DO NOT DO WEDDINGS. I will shoot, edit and produce just about anything (just about) but weddings are the worst. Absolute agony. A lose-lose scenario. That is why it is such a lucrative industry, because nobody likes doing them (unless there is a boatload of money involved). In this case, because my nephew is such a good kid and I will have the aforementioned gear with me anyway, I reluctantly agreed. You know who he works for…this is like me singing at Adele's nups. 

The assignment detail. Since you are reading this, I will assume you have at the very least a passive interest in the many ways I spend my precious time. The training, the racing, the travel, the glamour (!), blah, blah. I will, one way or another, post something every day. As you have come to expect. After all, Tuesday's post was number 1,475. That is comparatively consistent. The challenge is on, it will be work, but I am used to that, too. I find this all very exciting, look at it this way, all the details merely contribute to the fun. Remember Have Gun, Will Travel? Paladin might have said:

Have six cameras, will shoot.
Three bikes, will ride.
A sleeping bag, will nap.
A press pass, will interview.
A computer, will blog.

Details will follow. 

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