Friday, April 24, 2009

Mountain Du

That time of year again folks. We will kick it off Sunday down in Enumclaw for the Mt. Rainier Duathlon. It's a tough little 10K/40K/5K Du that has always kicked my fanny. The video clip is from the much-discussed (as compared to award-winning) Northwest Triathlon 2003: Tips video. As mentioned in the YouTube description, there are a lot of familiar faces here, overall champs Leroy Popowski and Anne Jensen put on a virtual running and biking clinic and my old buddy Tim Becker takes Oscar home for "Best Demonstration of Marking the Start Line at a Local Event", illustrating in 16:9 aspect ratio the true beauty of this low key, yet thrilling, once a year event. And BTW, that is the incomparable Billy Hale channelling John Fogerty on the score. I just spoke with the event organizers at BuDu racing there is still room folks. Come on out and join the fun. 


ej said...

Thats a great video, captures everything well. I'm glad I didn't watch it beforehand though as it likely would have intimidated me (as I didn't see any 50 somethings with my build). Need those synch up ties on the running shoes I'm seeing and a pair of crutches.

KML5 said...

I think I was the oldest male competitor today. At least I can still eat French Toast like a kid!!!!

They are called lace locks. Nice effort, congrats, and thanks for the kind words on the vid. I might post some of the other sequences as the 2009 events come up. Next up would be Wildflower.