Friday, October 31, 2008

Make no decision out of......


Ran across Bruce Sterling's amazing site this afternoon. I was thinking of a non-threatening way to say this, and here on Halloween, it seems rather apropos. BTW, this is the first year in the last three I have been at home. Do I miss Panama City Beach and IM Florida??????

An excerpt from the article:

The challenge, Bruce says, is that the worst people in the world -- genocidal ethnic mafiosos, fundamentalist fanatics, Washington lobbyists -- are running the show, American government has become the new Soviet Union (ossified, corrupt and widely perceived as illigitimate by the rest of the planet) and things are not good in much of the world. That said, if you look honestly at the world, you see a new story emerging, with millions of smart, dedicated people locked in a struggle to steer us towards a better future using every tool in their power, and that "that's a big story!" Finally, he reminds those of us who are part of that story of the motto of the old Soviet-era Eastern European dissidents: "Make no decision out of fear." (italics and bold mine).

Have a wonderful night kids. Tomorrow we dial up the intensity as November is upon us.

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