Sunday, October 19, 2008


I must admit to being a sucker for parody and satire. This is an election year, with two weeks to go and it's getting pretty nasty out there. I won't bullet point the Bush legacy in terms of failed polemics (today), nor will I connect the dots between W's bombast and Mac's neurosis, as you should be able to see that on your own, so when I saw this piece from the The Onion I couldn't resist a posting.

Priceless, especially this: "For those of you who have remained resolute in your belief that things will turn around eventually, I urge you to close your eyes, take shallow rapid breaths, and begin freaking out immediately," Bush added. "At this point, anyone who isn't scared to death needs to wake the fuck up—because we're screwed here."

Stay the Course America.

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