Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chapter 82

Get otta town, was her knee-jerk response.

Come on, he pleaded, let's look a little further down the road than that stop light, shall we?

Fine by me, Nostradamus, but you are not going to sell that line to anyone between New York and LA, you realize?

Don't care, it's what has to be done and it has to be done PDQ.

OK, run it past me again, she said, relaxing her death grip on the wheel of the Mini Cooper.

Three things, to start, he began again, need to go under the 'scope. And a girl as smart and talented as you can start to visualize the ripple down tsunami almost immediately. He reached for the EQ slider and boosted the bass for effect, and reiterated:

1) Insurance. Boom shakka lakka.

2) The Stock Market. Boom boom.

3) Credit. Shakka lakka.

No Big Pharma or Big Oil?

Four and five, he said.

Boom boom.

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