Friday, October 10, 2008

Kona Minus 12

Friday of race week. Like the day before Christmas. All the work has been, or is supposed to have been, done. The compression stockings have been hung with a modicum of care. It is time to try to get some rest, put some quality carbos into the boiler and try to settle down, calm, or in some way appease the runaway freight train known as 0645 minus 12, and counting.

We are back in the condo doing the last minute prep for tomorrows shoot. In an hour we are meeting for the annual sales meeting dinner across the street at Jamisons. I need to behave and get back early. The good news is that after 12 months of a relentless PR barrage on the Kona staff to allow us to shoot from the pack, vice last years lead vehicle protocol, they, John in particular, finally saw the light and granted us permission. The bad news is that I packed gear to shoot from a car and hence had to scramble this afternoon after the expo closed to make shift a camera rig capable of handling the gig. Also....

Not only did we have a great show, promoting the RCVs, but we establish a few new and exciting partnerships. First on that list is are the folks at Here are the broad strokes: Their service allows you to follow an athlete as he or she traverses an event course. Using GPS, the athlete carries a small transponder to send a signal that is picked up and then relayed vis their web site to friends, family and any interested parties. You log on, enter user name and password and then follow the athlete on a Google map, updates every one or two minutes. Are you seeing what I am seeing?????? Are you thinking that a marriage with the RCVs as I am out filming carrying one of their transponders could create a whole new training experience???? Good, so am I.

Tomorrow starting at nine Kona time, me, my Harley pilot Neil, and a transponder will cruise the legendary Queen K for six hours or 112 miles whichever comes first. You can follow by going to and enter MA2 for both user name and password. I am "athlete" number 151, name: CompuTrainer-RCV. You can thusly, log on and follow my progress and see exactly what will soon become the 2008 Kona RCV. I will leave it to you to ponder the possibilities.

And my buddy Jim Major stopped by the booth today. He and Scott Tinley are playing at the little pizza joint downtown tomorrow from 5-9. I gotta get there. I gave Jim, who further added to his legend by wearing a Obama Would Go T-shirt, a copy of the Kona DVD and fessed up to using one of the great tunes from the One Blue Eye CD on the score. I hope he will like it. He also mentioned that Disney is doing a Eddie Would Go film and want to use his award winning song of the same name. He said they are cheap. I wonder what that makes me. I can honestly say unabashedly, that you should go here, now and buy this incredible CD. Blog that, Disney!!!!

The magnanimous Mr. K. Mackinnon at has also gregariously agreed to post 2-5 minute RCV highlights of every event we do from this point forward. That is huge as their hourly hit count surpasses a year of what RCVman does. Great promotion and exposure. And starting tomorrow.

The Kona 30th celebration is now at zero minus 13.

Photos: T-B: The Bob and Mike annual entry to the athletes parade on Tuesday.
The IM expo announcing year 30. Wow.
Phil, RCVman on to the prank, and One Blue Eye hissself Jim Major.
The original crew at the start of the inaugural Kona RCV Fun Ride on Wednesday.

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