Thursday, October 16, 2008


Random Notes:

I was amazed at what an angry, hot-blooded, out-of-control little prick John McCain looked like on live national TV last night. At one point I thought his head was gonna explode. I could care less what he had to say (after all he is a maverick neo-con), on TV it is all about appearance, body language and, yes, John, eloquence.

Obama isn't the total answer either, although I like having a diplomat in charge vice Yosemite Sam. Obama had so many opportunities to bury the poor guy and chose the easy way out, playing good strategic defense as a tactic.

As I have said all along this is change enough for now. It'll be OK folks, relax.

Considering how the sub-prime home mortgage market led the economic plunge, which in turn is causing colossal global strife, I wonder if anybody has reminded W that his advice after 911 was to go shopping. Oh yeah, and be afraid.

Oh, the politics of fear.

10-1 Joe the Plumber doesn't even vote.

After my much anticipated return to spin class yesterday morning, I followed it up with a little sunset 5K in the park. Very tough run, it felt more like a marathon. I was looking for an aid station to stop and chat but had to wait till my own kitchen, still...

I was again inspired by the athleticism on display in Kona last week. They do make it look easy. I wonder if I'll ever get back in shape enough to do another IM?

I entered the Kona lottery for the first time in ten years, so at least there is a sliver of hope. I did this before we left thinking that if I got a slot I could attach a helmet cam to my bike and get the course RCV footage that way. Instead we got to shoot from the pack. Oh the irony.

OMG, what if I now win a lottery slot? Tomorrow I will start to train like I will race a 70.3, so come Feb. 15 (drawing day) I can still dial it up from Feb to Oct and not embarrass myself or my sponsors too much.


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