Monday, October 27, 2008



1) We have doubled the RCV staff. With our release record standing at an anemic 6 in 8 months, the PTB have entrusted your obedient savant to the task of GPS processing. And guess what? Now I know why they take so long!!!!!! It is a PIA chore, anal, boring, repetitive and thankless. I will get no glory for this. Right, like I was getting any being the videographer. Regardless of ego gratification and non-attachment to outcome, this should help our release frequency, and, I knew you were thinking this, I am 30 miles into St. Croix, with Lake Placid on deck and either Madison or IM Canada in the hole. Remember your vote counts!

2) I think I may be getting back into shape. It was a long, fat-filled, no-time-to-run or ride, nose to the RCVstone kind of summer. We shot another 21 events from Washington to Australia, and I paid the price sitting (slouching) in coach for hours on end only to end up eating whatever crap I could forage upon arrival. My back hurt and my gut bloated. That's what happens when you go from IM training to nothing. We have been back in the HOPN (House of Pain North) for a couple of weeks now doing our high intensity spin sessions and I have been out running the flats in the park in between. Tonight I did PR double, so there is still hope. However, to all you wackoos in my AG, fear not, I pose you no threat.

3) The UW fired Tyrone Willingham today as I predicted to RG almost immediately after the Irish thumped our fannies Saturday night, 33-7. Who will be the next? I hope we can retain this talented young class and start to keep the terrific local talent home. That's for starters. Then we need to beat Oregon, then OSU, then UCLA, then SC, and then, well, you get the idea.

4) Things are looking good for Obama. Except the wackoos are coming out in force a little early for Halloween. PLEASE America, let's get over it. Finally. At long last. Can we? And yes, I voted early.

5) Finished a little number from Depak Chopra last night called, "Why is God Laughing"? He ended it with these three reminders that I thought we a cogent way to wrap it up, so I'll share his thoughts with you. He suggests that to be truly happy, you must:

A) Act without fear.
B) Feel joy in what you do.
C) Allow your actions to bring results.

I like that. Fearless, joyful and productive. We could do a lot worse.

Peace my friends, More video on the way.

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