Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ralph Nader was actually my first choice. His comments the other day about the two party system, about the crooks in office being nothing more than puppets for the interests of industry, on plutocracy, and on his politics, were all very refreshing, here with a mere dozen days before the general election.

I am so tired of listening to McCain try to sound like he has anything vaguely resembling a heart, conscience or moral understanding. The man is a egocentric, mean spirited, angry, erratic and arrogant textbook example of fear-based political fraud. Like we haven't seen that on parade since January of 2000. And PLEASE, folks, take a close look at what and where that has got us. If you think that W is a pile of stinking cow dung (he lies, he steals, he cheats, he smirks, he insults, he belittles and he demeans), just wait till you get the full frontal with McCain (he manipulates, he misrepresents, he yells, he abuses, he slanders, he discriminates). His dictatorship would make W's look like a seminary. Scary.

Don't even get me stated on Sarah Palin. I heard the other day that she is staring in a new movie called Legally Bland. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice all have substance and an intelligence that transcends gender, Ms. Palin, I must say, might be a good hockey Mom and a fearless moose hunter, but that does not qualify her to to be second in command. Scarier.

Obama is my choice then, because Ralph's vote is unpatriotic. It isn't really choosing because it won't count for anything other than a feel good gesture of protest. Therefore the patriotic thing to do here (and now) is to vote for what is best for our country. And that means change. Change from the lies, the deceit, the obvious fraud and fear based manipulation of the Bush Administration, the ineptitude of crisis management, the utter lack of compassion for the average citizen, horrifying disdain for the US Constitution and allegiance solely to greed, power and and profit. They have committed criminal acts in office and you are now being asked to condone or condemn. To vote for the Republican ticket is to condone all this, the state sponsored terrorism, the torture, the killing of innocents for political gain, the use of the US Military for personal profit, the exploitation of the planets resources because the old boys need a fix, the erosion of your civil liberties, the elimination of the middle class, and the appalling loss of choice as we move closer and closer to a police state, governed by fear and fed by greed. Scariest yet.

Obama is not perfect. Nor is Joe Biden, They are WAY to centristic for my liking (you've noticed?). They are campaigning for one reason: To get elected. They pander, they dummy down, they say what needs to be said vice what should be said. However, they have earned my vote mostly for two reasons:

1) We can not idly stand by an allow the Bush Dictatorship to continue. Short of criminal prosecution in a war crimes tribunal, voting the bastards out is change enough for now.
2) Obama represents THE POTENTIAL for change. And that is enough for now.

I'll take that chance.

Anything else is just too scary to consider.

Thank you for voting. Here is the Road to Change.

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