Saturday, November 1, 2008

The illusion of control

"Take the so-called politics of fear — the constant reference to risks, from hoodies on the street corner to international terrorism. Whatever the truth of these risks and the best ways of dealing with them, the politics of fear plays on an assumption that people cannot bear the uncertainties associated with them. Politics then becomes a question of who can better deliver an illusion of control." Don't fall for the illusion folks. It is not control that we are losing, it is freedom itself. The day we allow the "stronger" (as compared to "smarter") to call the shots, the weaker we become. Be brave. You do not need to be controlled. You have freedoms that are guaranteed to you by the Constitution, do not let "them"* erode, silence and steal your voice any longer. Let's look past our fears and see the beautiful sunrise that will soon shine its light on a glorious new day. On Tuesday let us lock arms and walk into the valley of change together, fearless, united and joyful.

Or we can continue to send our kids to war, where they die for reasons cited above. Fear is the illusion of control.

* You know who they are (and they suck)

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Anonymous said...

yeah, on my spin play-list, I have "Fight the Power" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" back to back.