Monday, November 3, 2008

Wardy in Kona

Being a YouTube Director has its privileges and that is why I and get away with a 13:42 vid. (10 min or 1GB is the new limit), but I have grandfather status. Comes with almost 40 uploads and a bunch of gray hair. Still, that is no reason to indulge and this IS a little long. A couple of viewing tips: Beneath the YouTube screen reside a couple of icons, the middle one enlarges the image to full screen. You should check it out as well as selecting the 'watch in high quality' blue text option beneath the image. Also, because of the length and codec, if you enlarge the screen directly from the blog it gets a little greasy, therefore if you wanna watch Wardy, Bella, Mitch, Becky, et. al. in the best resolution you need to go here and check the appropriate boxes:

I have selected another still for the open because it appears as if I am censoring Mith here, but that sometimes takes six hours, (and nothing could be further from the truth) so until then, enjoy....

I will post my final campaign thoughts a little later. I know you are teeming with excitement on that one!!


Anonymous said...

Gee, now that I know how to get fit picking up a rock I guess I can cancel my gym membership.

KML5 said...

Gotta figure out an easy way to 'forumize' this, as I think we are starting to attract a crowd with which we can share comments and correspondence. I will check into it as has been suggested.

In the meantime........Wardy's beach drills are designed to be a "No Excuses" type of on-the-go work that one can preform whilst (there I said it) in Kona, Kenya or Kentucky. Also, it is widely rumored that the first Ironman ever, (to later become The Caveman) unwittingly staged in 344 BC (a 2.4 mile river swim ahead of crocs, followed by a 112 mile run chasing dinner) was won by training exclusively with rocks.