Thursday, November 20, 2008

RCV Ride for Change series

And then the light came on (in regard to the prior post). Without having to respond to a .gov issued RFP, let it be known in every hamlet and 'hood, that RCVman will film for food. Yo, State Department, take me along on this marvelous humanitarian endeavor to document its world changing potential and I'll not only film each stop (in 1080i HD), every meeting, all the geographical, sociological, architectural and artistic highlights, but seek out each cities favorite bike rides and create the RCV World Changing series. A ten to twenty mile CompuTrainer ride (with diplomats, dignitaries and de facto domestiques) that showcases each city, and allows the users to enjoy these international sights and be ideologically connected with Obama and Company as we (the collective we) Ride for Change. Kinda like An Inconvenient Truth but on your indoor trainer as we travel the planet in search of more global harmony and less greed and corruption (wish us luck). More spin less sin. We would actually then be creating energy (watts) to metaphorically light the way.

So RCVman volunteers for this assignment. I'm sure the boss will understand.

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