Thursday, November 20, 2008

And Go First Class

There is a VERY cool piece in todays asking some of the smartest people in the room (our planet) for 100 words or less of advice for #44. This was the first, and I simply needed to get it up for your consideration. More here:

Ted Wolf, Portland writer and board member, Focus the Nation

World Without Borders

The forty-fourth President of the United States should devote two weeks of the First 100 Days to a round-the-world journey with a stop on every continent. At each stop, he should gather leaders of culture, faith, and civil society at a World Heritage Site and listen to their counsel. He should then convene regional heads of state at a place showcasing sustainability innovation and explain America’s stake in their success. Once home, the President should frame his agenda around efforts to move country and planet beyond carbon, warfare, and absolute poverty. Barnstorming a world without borders, the President can begin America’s journey toward a bright green future.

As a taxpayer, I have no qualms whatsoever about contributing to this trip. As one of many who voted for Obama, I think he is the perfect guy for the job. As a member of the global tribe, I hope and pray we can make this happen.

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