Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Another quote from Keith Ellis' marvelous work, "The Magic Lamp",

"Problems are a sign of life. The only people without problems are those who are already buried six feet underground. So don't wish for fewer problems, wish for more skill in solving them."

He goes on to relay three steps to accomplishing just that.

1) Decide what problems you want to solve.
2) Choose the solution.
3) Take action to implement your solution.

I think the key here is in identifying the best, most appropriate or most effective solution. These are the tools we use to implement. The better the tools, the easier, quicker and more joyful the journey towards the solution. My research indicates that once you tweak your attitude towards acceptance of the "process" as a tool, the easier it becomes to stay on the chosen path. As an example, the process of losing twenty pounds can be six months of spin class or six minutes of liposuction.

Which would you suppose has the greater rewards? Life is a process. The understanding, acceptance and implementation of that reality is a tool. Maybe the most important one in your toolbox.

If you have problems, congratulations, you're alive.

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