Monday, July 9, 2012

Truth & Pain

Climbing the hills in our never ending quest for deep satisfaction and inner contentment, we need the fuel to flourish. The octane to thrive. Some go-go juice. I am constantly reminded of this. Water cools and nourishes our overheating muscles, some combination of electrolyte replacement beverage keeps our chemicals in balance. Complex carbohydrates get the sugar to glucose to ATP transfer happening with astonishing efficiency and often just as astonishing results. How anyone could not be humbled by the intricacy and complexity of this miraculous dynamic, is about ten light years beyond my understanding. Simply stated, I find it fascinating. 

Even more so, perhaps, is the fundamental part that the central governor plays in all of this. Regulating, managing, encouraging, supporting. A little more of this and a dash of that for the next five minutes please. And be sure to properly dispose of waste and recycle whenever possible. Oh, and remember to breathe properly. The central governor, the hands-on CEO of YOU inc., unless directed otherwise by the BoD, has more to do than simply ensure adequate supplies (the supply officer does that for him) and direst focus (the drill sergeant steps up here) establish strategy and tactics (logistics) and keep moral high (MWR), she also limits, represses and removes the potential for harm. After all, you aren't much good if you don't have a body. Meaning that the deck is stacked against you from the get go. Pain is a powerful way to gain your attention. It indicates that something is amiss. You just sliced your foot on a oyster shell? Don't do THAT again. ITB as tight as a drum? Better get some quick and effective treatment. Knee hurt? Stop doing whatever caused the pain. Temporarily, and then get back at it, taking the lesson. 

Over time we become conditioned to respond very Pavlovian-like to pain. Avoid it. DO NOT ENTER. Safe and sane. Thus, it takes learning, re-learning and adapting to the new requirement that includes its gradual re-introduction to our training. Because pain is good. It can be our best friend, our guru, a sage and supporting training partner. Coach hurt. 

If you so choose. If you don't, that is OK too, just go find yourself something a little more sedate. Something that won't ask so much of you. Won't test you. Won't challenge you. That feels growth is linear, measured by age. Cable TV is good for this. So are spectator sports. 

However, if you aspire to your highest, if you have goals that include optimal fitness, outstanding health, unrestricted freedom of movement, joy, passion, respect, chivalry, purpose, compassion, effort and friendship, then you had better make an appointment with your CEO and come to terms. Pain plays a part. Some of this is going to sting a little. You will question your whys. Suffering is an gerund that, when we say, we smile. You had better get used to this lambchop twinkiecakes honeybunny. 

Allow me to ask one question today. Do you think it is possible to know your true potential without going through some ouch? 

If you ride and run on the flats every day, what do you expect will happen when you show up at the start of the hill known as Heartbreak, Diablo, Toe Jam or Hamburger? Ooops, that is two questions, sorry. 

Pain is our friend. Our best friend. He or she has, always, your best interests at heart. You simply need to address them, discuss them, agree to them, and get your ass in gear towards them. Read the signs. They are there to help. 

The truth hurts. But not nearly as much as no pain. 

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