Sunday, July 29, 2012

Take it from Me

In the wonderful world of advertising it is known as celebrity testimony. Somebody famous, instantly recognizable by the target demographic, endorses a product by using it, wearing it, talking about it, owning it, and instantly the human hard wiring system accepts that product as legit, cool, of value or (at best) something they cannot live another day without. There are more examples of this successful concept than I can list here on a Sunday morning, but for this exercise, I cite two as rather colorful exhibits. 

First is from Camel cigarettes. Seems that as recent as 1949 more doctors smoked Camels than any other brand. Please check out the model at the end, merely toking on screen and smiling. 

Exhibit B is one of the classics from Miller Lite. The boys (all sports celebs) are holding the first Miller Lite Bowling Tournament. There is the usual debate over what makes the beer so special, its taste or weight. And then it's Rodney's turn. 

I bring these up to set the stage for this piece that was published earlier this week from Lake Placid. This, in regard to the top three Men being CompuTrainer users. As well as two of the top three Women. Overall 8 of the top 10 use the CT. Big stuff. The promo idea, in the form of celeb testimony is that if these extremely fast professional triathletes use the CompuTrainer to reach their goals (including their very livelihood) YOU MR or MS age grouper can too. 

Here is the only difference:  They do it full-time and get paid for results. You don't. 

Even more reason to use one. More results in less time. 

Take it from me.

Video is a very cool piece from LP, check it out. 

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