Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thunder & Lightning

I have always liked thunder and lightening. The sounds and sights of power. Mama Nature with attitude. Thursday we enjoyed a terrific 111 mile ride out front of the storm. She hit later that evening with a vengeance, a roof-thumping, wall-rattling, glass-shaking vengeance. Cool Northwest mountain air, meet warm summer thermal . Pow, wham, rattle, BOOM (chaka-lakka). Rain, wind, the crackle of organic juice. We made it to the top the next day in a little over two hours, had a cup of coffee in the lodge and watched with cool amazement as the blue turned to grey, the grey to black and the black to a bikers nightmare. Only one way out. Fast, down, cold, bleak, visually impaired, slick, windy and dangerous. And that was the fun part. Seventeen miles later, with prune-like hands, chilled to the bone, it didn't take lot to manufacture connect, change into dry clothes and head for the nearest short stack and cuppa joe. There were a lot of lessons along the way, all addressed in class this morning. I am a better rider for the effort and experience and cannot wait to get out and do it again. Man, that was fun. 

Special thanks to all my compatriots in the epicness, Bernie, Chris, Clo, Stephanie and Captain SAG, Steve. You were all fabulous and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to ride with you. 

We uncorked a five minute tune trial this morning that was a shade different. That change thing again. Here is the link to the incredible variation of the jazz standard Caravan, here done up by the Brian Bromberg Trio. Seriously soul stretching. 

Rory delivered the PO doors this morning. As soon as I get back on the roof and nail off the protective overhang I will assemble and install. We are getting closer folks. 

I'll sign off with that and try to get as much done today as I can. This between the ongoing thunder and lightning. Which somehow seems an appropriate score. 

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